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Targeted Grazing Services

A reality of managing property is that vegetation grows every year.  Vegetation management is important for reducing fuels and fire risk, and for controlling invasive weeds such as Himalayan blackberry and starthistle.  In general, there are four methods of vegetation management: fire, herbicide, mastication or manual labor, and grazing.  For each of these management types, you can either do the work yourself or hire the service.

We believe grazing is the most environmentally-friendly type of vegetation management.  Fire, equipment, and herbicide all result in higher environmental and climate impacts than grazing.  And the per acre cost of grazing is typically in a similar cost range of the alternative treatment types.

The average cost per acre of our targeted grazing services is $800 - $1800/acre.  Our minimum is 1 acre or $1,000.  There are many factors that influence this cost, such as existence of perimeter fencing, water access, slope of terrain, type and amount of vegetation, any concerns with livestock guardian animals or electric fencing, and the goals and objectives of the landowner.

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