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The Guard Animals


We have livestock guardian dogs and mini donkeys as our livestock guardian animals.  Because we are typically grazing multiple properties at once, we need at least one guard animal for each place. 


Livestock guardian dogs (LGDs) are an amazing group of breeds that live with and protect the sheep and goats, as well as the property where they're grazing.  Our LGDs are invaluable in our operational efforts to coexist with wildlife predators.

Mini donkeys are also helpful predator deterrents, in that they naturally patrol the paddocks, and alert to potential threats by braying.  They are adverse to canines, and will often attack them if they enter their space.

Lucy was the original guard donkey, and she gave birth to Ethel in Spring 2017.  In Fall 2017, we acquired Tulip, who was looking for a new home.  Sedona joined us at the end of 2018, and gave birth to Sierra in 2019.

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