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Millertown Sheep Farm


Millertown Sheep Farm started with the purchase of 12 Merino-Columbia ewes and 6 Cheviot-Bluefaced Leister ewe lambs in Summer 2016. We are based on five acres on Millertown Road in Auburn, CA. We also graze other properties to help manage vegetation, which reduce weeds and fire risk. Elisa Noble is the primary owner and operator of Millertown Sheep Farm.  Friends Connie Watson and Shannon Browning help with key sheep and pasture management tasks throughout the year. All three of us have full-time jobs, and enjoy raising livestock and managing our respective properties.  

The People

Elisa Noble


Elisa is an agricultural and natural resources consultant.

Connie Watson


Connie is the Manager of Echo Valley Ranch, Inc.

shannon pic - to crop2.jpg
Shannon Browning


Shannon is an Agriculture Instructor at Sierra College.

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